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The Latest News & Analysis From & About the Community Rights Movement

How a Small Town Is Standing Up to Fracking.

Grant Township, Pennsylvania, population 741, has became the front line of a radical new environmental movement – and they're not backing down. Rolling Stone magazine's first-ever major story about the Community Rights movement, with a focus on [...]

Oregon Voters Could See More Community Rights Measures Going Forward.

This story appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB). Voters in Coos County said ‘no’ Tuesday to a measure that could have blocked a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal and pipeline. The results are too close [...]

Oregon port vote is latest local action on fossil fuels.

An Associated Press story on various Community Rights and other efforts to stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure across the Pacific Northwest. Coos County, Oregon, residents will be visiting on May 16 on a Community [...]

Measure opponents exceed $1 million in combined donations and spending.

The latest local news from a corporate media slant about the breathtaking amount of corporate money being spent to defeat a Community Rights ballot initiative in Coos County, Oregon, challenging a liquefied (so-called "natural") gas [...]

Jordan Cove LNG Backers Spend Huge Money to Sway Tiny Oregon County Election.

This article by Simon Davis-Cohen originally appeared in DeSmog Blog. Two weeks ahead of an Oregon county special election, backers of the multi-billion dollar Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project are spending an additional [...]

People Don’t Trust Scientific Research When Companies Are Involved.

This article originally appeared in DeSmog Blog, and is yet another illustration as to why we urgently need to pass laws in the US separating business corporations from the funding and ownership of any scientific [...]

Nancy Ward & Paul Cienfuegos speak & answer audience questions following a public screening of the new documentary, ‘We the People 2.0’.

A new documentary film about the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, 'We the People 2.0', was publicly screened in Portland, Oregon. The event was hosted by David Delk, a leader of the local chapters of both [...]

Oregon county voting on block to LNG Project.

Oregon Public Radio reports on various Community Rights campaign efforts unfolding across Oregon counties. Voters in Oregon's Coos County are considering a May ballot measure that would block the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas project. [...]

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly and Portland [Oregon] Advocates Prepare to Launch a Climate-Change Tax on Corporations.

The city tax increase could fund renewable energy projects, raise the profile of a progressive candidate, and complicate state tax efforts. This article was published in Willamette Week (WW). The key debate in the Oregon [...]

How to fix climate change: put cities, not countries, in charge. It can’t be left to dysfunctional nation states to tackle – but as Oslo and Seoul have shown, metropolitan centres can rise to the challenge of global warming.

This article by Benjamin Barber appeared in The Guardian newspaper on May 7, 2017. If only the author had been aware of the Community Rights movement when he wrote this article, he would likely have [...]

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