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People Don’t Trust Scientific Research When Companies Are Involved.

This article originally appeared in DeSmog Blog, and is yet another illustration as to why we urgently need to pass laws in the US separating business corporations from the funding and ownership of any scientific research. Community Rights laws on this issue could begin to be passed immediately by municipal and county governments, prohibiting local [...]

Nancy Ward & Paul Cienfuegos speak & answer audience questions following a public screening of the new documentary, ‘We the People 2.0’.

A new documentary film about the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, 'We the People 2.0', was publicly screened in Portland, Oregon. The event was hosted by David Delk, a leader of the local chapters of both Alliance for Democracy and Move To Amend. Nancy Ward and Paul Cienfuegos were invited to talk and answer audience questions [...]

Oregon county voting on block to LNG Project.

Oregon Public Radio reports on various Community Rights campaign efforts unfolding across Oregon counties. Voters in Oregon's Coos County are considering a May ballot measure that would block the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas project. The measure is a product of the community-rights movement, which broadly aims to give local communities final say over corporate [...]

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly and Portland [Oregon] Advocates Prepare to Launch a Climate-Change Tax on Corporations.

The city tax increase could fund renewable energy projects, raise the profile of a progressive candidate, and complicate state tax efforts. This article was published in Willamette Week (WW). The key debate in the Oregon Legislature this year is whether to impose a tax on businesses, months after voters rejected a similar idea at the [...]

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How to fix climate change: put cities, not countries, in charge. It can’t be left to dysfunctional nation states to tackle – but as Oslo and Seoul have shown, metropolitan centres can rise to the challenge of global warming.

This article by Benjamin Barber appeared in The Guardian newspaper on May 7, 2017. If only the author had been aware of the Community Rights movement when he wrote this article, he would likely have acknowledged that cities already have a way of insisting on their "right of self-governance", by passing Community Rights ordinances. For [...]

Jordan Cove spends heavily to kill Coos County anti-LNG measure

Oregon's corporate daily newspaper, The Oregonian's May 7, 2017 coverage of the leading Community Rights campaign in the state this year - the Coos County Right to a Sustainable Energy Future Ordinance, coming up for a vote on May 16. The Oregonian has seen fit to focus on the corporate opposition to the ordinance, which [...]

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Oklahoma Governor Signs Anti-Protest Law Imposing Huge Fines on “Conspirator” Organizations.

Published in The Intercept on May 6, 2017. Massive and sustained civil disobedience is one of the few effective tactics we citizens still have to take on corporate rule. So no wonder corporate leaders are working overtime behind the scenes to criminalize these activities. A statute aimed at suppressing protests against oil and gas pipelines [...]

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Paul Cienfuegos interviewed on KZYX Radio in Mendocino County, California

Paul Cienfuegos was interviewed for the hour, with live call-in questions, on Mendocino County, California's, community radio station KZYX on April 25, 2017. The station has had a monthly show, 'Corporations & Democracy', for many many years. You can listen to the interview or download the podcast by going HERE. On that new page, scroll [...]

Oregon County Faces Gas Industry Funding, Lobbyists in Battle to Halt Jordan Cove LNG Project.

This article by Simon Davis-Cohen originally appeared in DeSmog Blog. Scattered throughout Coos County, situated on Oregon’s southern coast, are signs reading “Save Coos Jobs, Vote No on County Measure 6-162.” The signs were put there by Save Coos Jobs, a political action committee (PAC) with more than $358,500 in funding from Canadian-based energy company Veresen’s [...]

Right of Local Self-Government Initiative Vindicated – Court rules in favor of constitutional amendment effort, calls out State’s obstructionist actions

A Press Release from the Oregon Community Rights Network, from April 21, 2017. Media Contact: Mary Geddry <> 541-551-1492 Corvallis, Oregon: The citizen-led petitioning initiative effort to amend the Oregon constitution to secure the Right of Local Community Self Government has been cleared by a Marion County circuit court judge to gather signatures for [...]