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Community Rights US will be offering an ever increasing selection of workshops from a variety of workshop leaders, to assist local Community Rights groups to become as skilled and as effective as possible, so please check back regularly. Here’s our initial set of offerings. Click on each title for full descriptions.


Workshops Led by Paul Cienfuegos:

Online 3-hour Community Rights Orientation

Introductory 3-hour Community Rights Workshop

We the People Are More Powerful Than We Dare to Believe: First Steps in Dismantling Corporate Rule (Weekend Workshop Intensive)

Taking OUR Local Mass Media Back From Large Corporations

Active Listening For Activists


Offerings by Tracy Kunkler & Michelle Smith (of Circle Forward):

Circle Forward Collaborative Decision-Making Package


Workshop Led by Matt Guynn:

Nonviolence, Civil Disobedience, & Nonviolent Direct Action in Theory and Practice: A Webinar Series for Community Rights Groups


Consultations, Curriculum & Lectures Offered by Ray Raphael:

(Temporarily, scroll down this linked page to view his bio and offerings HERE.)