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Paul Cienfuegos

Program Director & Lead Trainer

For as long as Paul can remember, he has been passionate about nonviolent social change. From his high school days until his years living in the coastal ancient rainforest on Vancouver Island in his 30’s, he worked tirelessly on a wide variety of single issues, and also became proficient at leading workshops on a whole variety of topics such as “Active Listening for Activists”, “Despair and Personal Power in the Nuclear Age”, and “Intro to Nonviolent Direct Action”. In 1994, he stumbled upon the writings of Richard Grossman, co-founder of Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy (POCLAD), and his world was turned upside down. The next year, Paul founded Democracy Unlimited in northern California in order to begin to test out the ideas he had learned from POCLAD’s leaders. In recent years, he has become a national leader in the rapidly growing Community Rights movement, having led workshops, given speeches, and done organizing across the country. David Barsamian’s internationally syndicated show ‘Alternative Radio’ has broadcast many of his speeches. He moved to Portland, Oregon in 2011, co-founded Community Rights PDX in 2012, and was instrumental in launching the Oregon Community Rights Network in 2013. In 2014, he began producing a weekly radio commentary & subscribable podcast. He’s taking a short break from this weekly commitment while he integrates himself into Community Rights US. He has also produced the ‘Community Rights Update’ e-newsletter with the latest news and analysis on the Community Rights movement, which is about to be reconceptualized in this new team effort. Paul is on fire about Community Rights! This is his life work. He is thrilled to finally be working collaboratively with other dynamic leaders in this new organization! More…


Kelly Hogan

Organizational Manager

Kelly has been bringing her passion for environmental advocacy into her work as an outdoor educator for over a decade. She is the former director, co-founder and preschool teacher of Mother Earth School, an outdoor immersion urban farm school in Portland Oregon. She has also co-founded and directed multiple other education initiatives that revolve around sustainability. She is a mother, a permaculture designer, and is trained in facilitating Theater of the Oppressed as a means of exploring issues of equity, which she views as the foundation of the sustainability movement. Community Rights US is an intersection of her passions since it presents teachable solutions to social and environmental injustices as well as opportunities to intentionally design social strategies toward that end.


Jen Forti

Social Media & Outreach Coordinator

Jen is a business owner, performer and late bloomer activist. Her experiences range widely from building a brand/apparel company celebrating progressive cities and their culture, to organizing flash mobs for events (global climate movement) to touring the country using story telling, song and dance to educate children on topics such as gardening, the solar system and re-cycling. It was during Occupy that she discovered Community Rights and has since been volunteering her time learning about and sharing the message of local self-governance. Jen is excited for the opportunity to apply the skills she has acquired running her own businesses, her commitment to social and environmental justice and her passion of performance and music to help build the Community Rights movement and reclaim our rights.


Eva Hamilton

Administrative & Research Coordinator

Eva is a musician, performer, and teacher grounded in a cultural anthropology background and about to begin her graduate studies in Counseling-Psychology. She is particularly fascinated by the intersection between consciousness, culture, and personal identity, and how our fundamental belief systems affect the way we engage with the world. Drawn to the Community Rights movement as a paradigm in activism that reclaims our sovereignty as We The People, she is motivated by the shift in consciousness necessary to place civic authority back into our own hands. Eva has been studying various healing traditions through the lenses of anthropology and psychology for 10+ years. She is excited to bring some of what she’s learned about the process of personal healing to the healing of communities and nations through the work of Community Rights.