Online 3-hour Community Rights Orientation

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Interested in getting started now? You can register for Paul’s introductory online 3-hour workshops any time from your own home! Payment is by affordable sliding scale.

Introductory Workshop (3 hours long) + a separately scheduled 60-minute Live Q&A Session

The first of two sessions is a pre-recorded 3-hour workshop that you can listen to at any time in six 30-minute segments, once you have registered. The first hour is a comprehensive but very brief overview of how large corporations came to wield so much power and wealth under law – almost entirely via two centuries of decision-making from a very supportive U.S. Supreme Court that granted one new constitutionally protected “right” after another to the corporate form of doing business. The second hour is a brief overview of a new movement that is beginning to sweep across the country, which calls itself the Community Rights movement, and which has now successfully passed legally-binding locally-enforceable laws in 200 communities in nine states – each of which bans a particular corporate activity that is considered legal and “normal” (such as factory farms, dumping of sewage sludge on agricultural land, water bottling, fracking, unsustainable energy development, etc.), but which the local community considers harmful. The final hour of my workshop pulls the various pieces together, and offers encouragement to local communities to consider getting involved in this very exciting new strategy for dismantling corporate constitutional “rights”, which is the centerpiece of corporate rule.

The second session is a live 60-minute tele-conference call, available ONLY to people who have listened to the Part One Introductory Workshop and who are ready to join a free-ranging discussion with Paul Cienfuegos about what you have learned. Paul will be available to answer any and all questions, and to dialogue with participants. This portion of the workshop is open to a maximum of six people, to ensure that everyone gets ample time to ask questions and share your own thoughts and analysis. If this session fills up, another will be promptly scheduled.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email link to the pre-recorded 3-hour workshop which you can listen to online at your convenience. Email once you’ve listened online in order to schedule the 60-minute live follow-up tele-conference call.

The cost for these two sessions is by sliding scale, from $6 to $40, based on your ability to pay. Your entire fee is considered a tax-deductible donation towards the work of Community Rights US, so please consider making as generous a donation as you can afford. Thank you!

To pre-register for this two-session workshop: