Community Rights Campaigns Across the US

Community Rights Campaigns Across the US 2017-07-01T01:13:03+00:00

The links below are not yet live. We’re still finalizing our databases. Please check back again soon. Thank you.

Since 1999, more than 200 towns, cities and counties in eight states have passed legally-binding and locally-enforceable ordinances to protect their human and other inhabitants, and to enshrine the inherent right of The People to govern themselves. Community Rights US is in the process of compiling relevant information about each of these communities’ campaigns. This project is a work in progress. If you have participated in one of these campaigns, or if your campaign is missing from our lists, we would love to hear from you so that our information is as current as possible.

To explore our Community Rights Ordinances database, click HERE. (These are local Community Rights campaigns where the local group has reached the phase where their ordinance is ready to go public, regardless of whether it was successfully passed into law or not.)

To explore our Fledgling Community Rights Campaigns database, check back soon – we’re almost ready to share this one. (These are local Community Rights campaigns where the local group has not yet reached the phase where they are ready to release their draft ordinance.)

And here is a partial list of ordinance topics that have been drafted to date. Some of them have already become law in at least one local jurisdiction in the country. Others are just waiting for a ripe community to dive in and join our movement. Please check back here regularly, as this list is a work-in-progress…..

• Bans fracking (includes related oil extraction activities)
• Bans frack wastewater injection wells
• Prohibits pipelines & compressor stations
• Ensures fair taxation of corporations
• Codifies community’s right to self-governance, healthy air, soil & water as basic rights
• Recognizes Rights of Nature to exist and flourish
• Legalizes nonviolent direct action as a legal enforcement tool; prohibits legal action against those engaging in nonviolent direct action
• Defends residents’ right to be free from religious identification requirements
• Bans corporate gravel extraction and water withdrawals
• Codifies and secures community’s right to a sustainable energy future
• Codifies and secures right to a sustainable infrastructure which is integrated into the community as part of town’s planning processes
• Bans corpoations from conducting shale gas drilling
• Bans natural gas drilling
• Prohibits the use of Eminent Domain by foreign and domestic oil & gas corporations
• Prohibits oil & coal trains from passing through community or county
• Bans toxic aerial pesticide spraying by the industrial timber industry
• Bans unsustainable development projects