Circle Forward Collaborative Decision-Making Package

Circle Forward Collaborative Decision-Making Package 2017-03-29T04:09:10+00:00

Tracy Kunkler and Michelle Smith have developed an extraordinary ‘Circle Forward Collaborative Decision-Making Package’, which they are excited to be sharing with our local Community Rights groups, for the specific purpose of scaling up our skill-sets for collaborative governance as quickly as possible so we can shift our culture and actually address the issues we’re all facing together.

It’s time to move beyond the options of majority rule or consensus, away from decision-making that creates winners and losers. Now, as our culture grows much more complex in its diversity, we offer groups a simple, very different framework, a third option: Consent.

Their Package delivers training in…

• the Principle of Consent,
• defines when to use consent for decisions and when not to,
• introduces tools for making decisions within a Range of Tolerance,
• and clarifies key leadership practices,
so you can create governance systems that are inclusive, efficient, transparent and accountable.

While working on protecting and increasing the legal power of community rights, we can be planting the seeds of the next evolution of democracy — collaborative governance.

The Circle Forward system of collaborative governance is being used by organizations and networks at the local, regional, and multi-state levels.

To learn much more about the ‘Circle Forward Collaborative Decision-Making Package’, click HERE.