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Why a Green Future is “Unconstitutional” and What to Do About It

This article by Jane Anne Morris ( was originally published in the Spring 2009 edition of Synthesis/Regeneration, and was based on remarks made at Synthesis/Regeneration’s “Surviving Climate Change: Producing Less and Enjoying It More” Roundtable, in St. Louis, Missouri in June 2008. Working in tandem with a cooperative Supreme Court, corporate lawyers have insinuated themselves into [...]

The Rise and Fall of the Word ‘Monopoly’ in American Life.

"For several decades, the term was a fixture of newspaper headlines and campaign speeches. Then something changed." This article was published in The Atlantic magazine. Although it covers a very significant and under-reported topic, it also misses some truly key points and context. The author starts her history lesson in the 1920's, the very first [...]

Activists Disrupt D.C. Pride Parade to Protest Sponsors Wells Fargo, Lockheed Martin.

This news story appeared as a headline on Democracy Now, and kicks off our new series that critiques existing single-issue activism through a lens analyzing corporate constitutional so-called "rights". Here's the brief story as written: Tens of thousands of people took to the streets for Pride marches on Saturday and Sunday in cities across the [...]

Chimpanzees do not have same legal rights as humans, US appeals court rules.

Court in New York rules in case of caged adult male chimps Tommy and Kiko that there is no precedent for apes being considered people. From The Guardian newspaper. Two chimpanzees that were caged at a trailer lot and at a primate sanctuary don’t have the legal rights of people in New York, an appeals [...]

A Dissenting Report on the Controversial Right-Wing Free Speech Rally in Portland, Oregon

This is a report from Paul Cienfuegos in Portland, Oregon on his experience attending the "Alt-Right" pro-Trump legally-permitted free speech rally held on June 4th in downtown Portland, less than a week after a white supremacist terrorist stabbed three men while they attempted to defend two young women on a train - both Black, one [...]

Measure 21-177 wins the May 2017 Election in Lincoln County, Oregon.

Oregon has its first-ever local Community Rights ordinance win - in a rural conservative-leaning county on the central coast. The Citizens for a Healthy County campaign to ban aerial spraying of pesticides received nothing but opposition from their local Newport government and from their elected county government, and they were massively outspent by a corporate [...]

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How a Small Town Is Standing Up to Fracking.

Grant Township, Pennsylvania, population 741, has became the front line of a radical new environmental movement – and they're not backing down. Rolling Stone magazine's first-ever major story about the Community Rights movement, with a focus on the courageous residents of Grant Township, Pennsylvania, who are continuing to make national history as they defend their right to [...]

Oregon Voters Could See More Community Rights Measures Going Forward.

This story appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB). Voters in Coos County said ‘no’ Tuesday to a measure that could have blocked a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal and pipeline. The results are too close to call for a Lincoln County measure banning aerial pesticide spraying. These Oregon measures stem from the broader “community rights” [...]

Oregon port vote is latest local action on fossil fuels.

An Associated Press story on various Community Rights and other efforts to stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure across the Pacific Northwest. Coos County, Oregon, residents will be visiting on May 16 on a Community Rights ordinance that would ban the construction of the proposed LNG terminal and pipeline. Residents of a coastal community in [...]

Measure opponents exceed $1 million in combined donations and spending.

The latest local news from a corporate media slant about the breathtaking amount of corporate money being spent to defeat a Community Rights ballot initiative in Coos County, Oregon, challenging a liquefied (so-called "natural") gas pipeline. Oregonians go to the polls on May 16. More than $1 million dollars has been donated or spent to [...]

Jordan Cove LNG Backers Spend Huge Money to Sway Tiny Oregon County Election.

This article by Simon Davis-Cohen originally appeared in DeSmog Blog. Two weeks ahead of an Oregon county special election, backers of the multi-billion dollar Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project are spending an additional $236,500 to prevent that vote from halting the proposed fossil fuel project. That’s on top of the $359,000 the LNG project’s [...]