Active Listening For Activists

Active Listening For Activists 2017-03-26T02:44:02+00:00

In this workshop, we will learn how to listen actively to members of the public whom we do not know. Activists tend to be much more comfortable (and experienced) talking about issues than really listening to members of the public. There will be sufficient time to practice in pairs, before we head out into public space to interact with a variety of strangers. After recounting these experiences back to the larger group, there will be additional time for role-plays, reflective discussion and evaluation.

This is a workshop lasting one full day and can handle as many as 20 or as few as 8 people per workshop. 12 to 15 is ideal. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary to attend.

Paul Cienfuegos invented and first led this workshop in 1984 while living in rural Scotland and working with the British peace movement. He has continued to lead it across the west coast states, and occasionally beyond.